Thursday, 29 September 2011

Warriors of Chaos conversions and scratch built bits.

I am going for as many conversions as I can imagine in my Chaos army. Although this will prolong the length of the project I think the reward will be worth it.
So this is a Tzeentch bsb, the sword is intended to represent a daemon sword that's in control as much as the champion wielding it is. His head is getting turned in to a hawk/eagle mutation.

The next is a pretty straight forward addition to the excellent plastic Tzeentch sorcerer, I wanted to create some movement on the model as he will be mounted on a the scratch built disc (the middle object in the pic below). The flames seemed like the most obvious solution after trying to model a piece of cloth and failing miserably :(
He is in the aerly stages so it will need much more work before I'm happy with him.
The three pieces above are the Tzeentch warrior units standard, the disc and the Tzeentch bsb.

The finished unit looks like this, shields are off for painting ease, the Chaos stars are so bloody boring! which is why i filled them off. The shields will instead have homemade decals added to them.

Also the imminent release of Forge Worlds Tamurkhan The Throne Of Chaos has got me thinking about possible conversions on the Dwarfs I have lying around, more on that in the future.


  1. amazing stuff. you regularly make me jealous of your artistic skills mate!