Monday, 12 September 2011

Forge Worlds Mounted Commissar part 1

 This is around a year old, but I thought posting here may be of some interest. Parts 2 and 3 will follow soon
So to start us of here is Forgeworld's  mounted Death Korps Of Krieg Commissar. I really like the model but i felt the horses breathing mask looked unfinished/weird so i sculpted on a lower jaw for the skull design on it's gas mask.

Stage one painting:
I used Vallejo paints:
Reflective Green
English Uniform
French Mirage Blue
GW paints
Black wash
Devlan mud wash
Shinning Gold

The coat of the Commissar is a very dark green, i felt it would give a richer finish to the final model. The fetlocks will be a dark brown or black i will blend them more during the next stage. I found this as reference for the horse, i won't copy it exactly but it's near the finish I'm after.

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