Thursday, 15 September 2011

Tyranid Prime conversion

I finshed this around 8 months ago but wanted to post it as GW still seem unlikely to post an official model for it.
First off the collection of bits, these are from various kits in the range mostly warrior and ravener, with some other bits thrown in for good measure. The bone swords and lash whip are from paulsongames
 The first step was to beef up the head, which is basicly a ravener head and a shoulder plate. Using greenstuff to blend the join.
The legs were widened and the tail lengthened with a ravener one. I also cut the legs at the joins and pinned them to lengthen the legs.
I thickened the tail out with some greenstuff and made the plates wider to bulk it out    
 A ravener torso was given some shoulder plates and the top gap filled to allow for the head to be better positioned.
The large bonesword is a monstrous creature arm with a paulsone games whip 'hand'
The other weapons are pretty straight forward with re-modelling bits where needed and using greenstuff to cover bad joins etc.
The finished model has been magnetised for every in game option.
I'm pretty pleased with the results. Here are a few pics of it for size comparison and in different configurations. The Shrike is a warrior body with the body and wings of a gargoyle with some ravener talons and some small paulson bone swords. It is also magnetised for using with rending claws

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