Saturday, 17 September 2011

Dragon Ogre conversion

With the left overs from the Mournfang box sat around I was looking at the Chaos Knight box next to it and it struck me that maybe I could make some Dragon Ogres from the two kits, an unholy alliance if you will.
Now a centaur Ogre wasn't what I was after but a brief look on the good ol net came up with this excellent tutorial on making claws on warseer.
I really wanted to avoid the cold one body as it never seemed armoured or bulky enough. So here he is, once I start work on the other three i will post a stage by stage going in to detail about what I did.


  1. That is pretty neat. I think the chaos warhorse does add some bulk. Not sure about the tail though :P Haha. No, I presume that's the armature for later?

  2. Cheers. Haha yes it's the armature for the tail