Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Scratch built Hell Cannon pt1

Having decided I really loathe the official GW model for the Hell Cannon it was time to set about making one.

After looking around for kits I could alter, it became obvious that the only real option was to make it from scratch if I was going to get what I wanted.
Most of the inspiration for the model came from the new Chaos Dwarf machines from Forge World. I love the engineered approach of the new models, rather than the comic book demon engine look of the GW model.
The concept was a shortish barrel, more like a mortar and some sort of weapons on the front to represent it's close combat prowess. The Chaos Dwarf Tenderiser of yesteryear was the perfect starting place. It also gave me the chance to pay homage to one of my favourite models from the 'golden age'.

This is how far I have got over the last couple of nights, the construction is mainly balsa with plasticard used for the trim. The barrel and wheels are 30mm laser cut discs I picked up on e-bay sandwiched together with wood glue.
The wheels, barrel and front 'arms' are all loose, as I want to add trim and sculpt some details on.

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