Sunday, 23 October 2011

A few updates

This last week has seen me bouncing around from project to project. But I did manage to get some stuff moving along.
The first 5 Tzeentch warriors are done, the rest are on my work station awaiting attention.

Added the rivets and 'fuel' to the Hell Cannon plus treads on the wheels, which will also need rivets.

Finally my Nurgle Lord got himself a pet (not finished)


  1. Those Warriors of Tzeentch look awesome! Love the individual look - yet still they're tied so nicely together; and the freehand-shields are great: my favourite has to be the far right one, with the book-design.

    Keep 'em coming, I'll be looking forward to the next rank!

  2. Many thanks, they take a while. I'm using variations of the same colours throughout the unit so it helps keep them tied together.