Sunday, 15 July 2012

15mm fortifications

First off apologies for the lack of posts, family and work have taken priority as you would expect.
However I recently arranged a game using a Sturmkompanie, all well and good until I realised how much Battle Front and others charge for trench line etc.

Ever the skinflint I decided to make my own and I'm very glad I did I would estimate a rough saving of £140 if not more. Although I did have some of the materials in my bits box.
Once they are finished I will have enough fortifications to field any company I could want including the new Engineer and Perimeter Outpost lists from Devils Charge :D

Firstly the materials I used:
1mm plasticard
1mm foamed pvc
10mm styrofoam
barbed wire
wooden skewers
wooden cocktail sticks
wooden tongue depressor
wooden lolly sticks
pva glue
Vallejo course pumice
GF9 plastic accessory pack

I will upload the basic photos today and hopefully over the next week come back and describe how I went about making each piece. They are pretty straight forward to be honest but I did find some short cuts to help out.
Below we have barbed wire, trenchline 4" section, HMG nest, HMG pillbox, AT pillbox, AT traps (dragons teeth), gun pit. The minefields are in progress and I'm thinking hard about how to give them character.

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