Monday, 2 January 2012

Big cats and small men part 2

Just a quick update on the vehicles. As mentioned in the previous post I am painting my Axis forces in a winter setting. The vehicles are at a stage when I feel it's worth showing a couple of them, I'm using the hairspray technique for weathering the winter white wash. For those that are unaware of the stages involved I have listed them after the pics.

I use my airbrush to do the painting but I can see no reason why this couldn't be done with a brush, in fact the test piece I did on an old model without my airbrush. As you would expect allow plenty of drying time between each stage.

1: Prime model
2: Base coat, I used Tamiya XF-60 (Dark Yellow)
3: Gloss varnish the entire model
4: Add decals, then varnish them
5: Coat in hairspray (light coating)
6: White coat (Vallejo Ivory)
7: Take a stiff brush (I used an old GW 'drybrush' I had lying around) dip in water and slowly remove the top coat of paint by rubbing gently over the surface.
8: Seal work with another layer of varnish.

The remaining weathering such as painting chipping and mud will be added then a thinned wash of dark brown should tone down the model for the look I'm after. Then I can paint up all the details etc

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